BLOG 2021


Last year I covered a couple of photo shoots of the Honda E and Mini Cooper S electric cars, great little cars but still limited in range. So when Porsche announced the Taycan model it was the first time i'd lusted over an electric car, the brand, heritage and from the reviews this car had the handling characteristics to make it a game changer.

We took the car to two locations, some general photos around the streets of Canterbury followed by a venue that i'd used the week before for another German car, the 1979 Golf GTI. I knew with the right weather, some atmospheric lighting to highlight the unique wrap and the urban feel to Canterbury Christ Church's new medical and engineering school it would all work.

I used three lights to highlight the contours of the car, with the satin paint protection film it really increases the definition of the saloon car that takes loads of design cues from the iconic 911 shape.