BLOG 2021


I set off early with friend Ian and his BMW M4, i've just switched from the V8 Mustang to the German mini muscle car which is the M2, a compact and powerful turbo powered 3 litre 6 cylinder engine which on the fast and flowing Goodwood circuit would be a great test for the car. We were lucky as well with the cars getting ready in the paddock for the day ahead, Porsche 911's, MCLaren 720S and a host of classic Fords's, including a Mustang and a GT40 in the Gulf livery, so a good opportunity to get a nice spread of photos for my article that will go in to BMW Car magazine and Performance BMW.

Conditions could not have been any better, a great atmosphere and with lunch included we had an al fresco dining experience whilst watching the cars take to the track, as restrictions ease you will also be able to get the driver tuition with one of the Goodwood instructors, been a while since i've done this but it is essential for taking valuable seconds off of your times and keeping the momentum on this fast flowing circuit.