BLOG 2021


Situated in the heart of Kent, Maidstone - JF Automotive ECU remaps are designed by experienced, in house software engineers using the latest technology and facilities. They have development cars at their unit and the recently Yaris GR has just been wrapped by RGVA vehicle graphics, again situated in Maidstone.

I had the pleasure of having the Yaris back in December and for me it ticked all the boxes, compact, fast, fun and with its switchable drive modes a perfect daily and track car. The colour palette is limited so with this bespoke wrap by RGVA it does lend itself to a racier look and ties in with JFA's colour schemes. A Milltek exhaust had just been fitted to the car which gives a raucous rally burble and i'm sure this will be on any GR owners lists to have fitted to their cars. The car is still in development so it will be interesting to see where the car goes from here, already out is up on power at 310bhp and 417nm, that is an increase of 44 bhp and 58nm over the factory quoted figures.

Take a look at JFA YARIS GR