BLOG 2021


The car photography shoot of Jon's Golf was for Performance VW magazine and will feature in a forthcoming issue very soon. The light blue paintwork required a clean and neutral setting, with my links to Canterbury Christ Church University we managed to use the brand new medical and engineering school building as a backdrop.

The location had everything, clean off white paving, a modern building with dark stone and also the iconic Fisher building that is triangular in shape and brought a 70's vibe to the shoot.

My first three cars were VW Golfs so it was a real joy to photograph this stunning example, it sits on polished BBS alloys, and under the bonnet sits an Audi TT engine producing around 225 BHP, when you imagine how light the car is it takes the GTI moniker to another level.

We finished up the car photography session with some interior photos and that gorgeous engine bay, then a few frames of the car on the road and panning with Jon doing some slow speeds to complete a very memorable photoshoot.