BLOG 2021


The BMW M car harks back to the late eighties and has been a staple of the brands Motorsport division derived cars, this week saw the introduction of the M3 and M4 models to the range, controversy has been round the new BMW grill that adorns these two monstrous 510bhp cars, for me it is colour dependant but like everything it grows on you and at least it makes a statement.

The M3 and M4 Competition produce 510bhp, 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, 650 NM of torque and has a 3 litre twin turbo 6 cylinder providing the power. I'm familiar with the previous F80 model, its a rapid car and maybe wasn't as well received initially as it replaced the V8 engine, but with emissions and tighter restrictions BMW was forced to go down the turbo charged route, and in this new car its seamless, as well as being a powerful rear wheel drive hooligan it can still do the daily commute, set everything to comfort and it is a real wolf in sheep's clothing.

The Barretts Group demonstrator is in Dravit grey metallic paint, it has a real mix of colours in it under certain lighting and sets the cars lines off really well, especially with this cars extra carbon fibre on the vehicle. Special mention to the carbon fibre seats as well, they really make the cabin and if you got o the BMW car configurator BMW it allows you to do a mix of colours to make the interior even more sportier.

I used the chance to test the car on the coast, taking in Sandgate, Hythe, Lydd and some of the flowing roads around Dungeness, the car is so well balanced and feels a real event driving it. As usual it comes with all of the refinements you expect in a German salon, even the seats are electric and heated which is unusual with carbon specced race seats. You also have two M buttons on the steering wheel where you can configure your favourite settings, there are a lot to choose from as well. You'll see few more of the M3 and M4 coming up soon as we will be doing a feature on the first owners to pick one up for BMW CAR