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A few months ago I photographed a beautifully restored 1987 Porsche 911 for GT Porsche magazine, it is now in the current issue of the magazine with a great article by Dan Bevis...
The Porsche 911 Super Sport has a 3.2 naturally aspirated engine and with the drop top is a perfect sports car for every occasion, Dean's example also won the manufacturers class at the prestigious Salon Price car show last year that took place at Blenheim Palace.

The finish of the cars paintwork is superb and the gloss really shows up with the Profoto lighting working its magic. The photo shoot took place at Dean's home and just a short drive away was the local Porsche dealer, seemed rude not to take a few shots of the car with the modern showroom in the background. Some final images on a stretch of dual carriageway and all done. You can read the full feature in this months GT Porsche magazine, available at newsagents, WH Smiths and also online as well.

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