BLOG 2021


On paper these cars are very similar, the X5 and X6 share the same engine the 3 litre straight six diesel variant that produces 380 bhp and a whopping 740nm of torque make these a true all round family car with sports car performance.

These two vehicles are owned by the same family, fair to say that the X6M with its coupe rear end has a sportier stance and feels a bit. Ore focused in terms of the chassis and steering. The X5 feels a slightly more rounded and comfier ride and looks more elegant especially in the darker metallic blue paintwork.

The car photography took place at the Historic dockyards in Chatham, we had permission to use the area and with plenty of space to accommodate these two large SUVs it gave me space to move around and get some single shots and group photos of the two together, the X6 is in a stunning colour, Hockenheim Silver that has a real elegance to it and in different light goes from silver to a flat gray.

The photoshoot was for BWM car magazine and will be featured in a future issue to be published in print and online.