BLOG 2021


Commercial photography is the mainstay of my business and the last two weeks have seen a real variety of work for a variety of local Kent based companies. DSK Environmental asked me to cover a series of portraits at a power station in Essex for them where the staff are working on a large product for a client, rather then using a traditional plain backdrop it made sense to incorporate some of the landscape that they work on in the background.

You may have seen the Hellyar Plastics factory image on my website, using a delivery lorry, shooting at dusk with some long exposures and merging three images made a standard looking factory a lot more dramatic and effective. I also covered some stock photos for embroidery company Just So who provide bespoke leisure and work wear plus a host of promotional products. In the afternoon I visited a bespoke kitchen made and fitted by the Little Wood Shed, this involved some wide images of the interior alongside some detail shots showing the wood work and worktop that were fitted to give the overall finish a contrast that was befitting to the listed building.

Then yesterday product photos for Curco a Canterbury based wholesaler of cleaning products, these were straight forward photos taken against a white backdrop, the final edit just requires some cleaning up around the edges so they can be dropped in to an online shop and also a catalogue which will be going to print soon.