BLOG 2021


Artisan Memorials Ltd is a family owned business, driven and inspired by the life long passion for lettering and calligraphy of its founder Mark Brooks. Mark has over 30 years experience as a professional Letter Carver and Monumental Mason, he has an extensive catalogue of public works and regularly teaches letter carving and calligraphy.

The photography was taken at Mark's workshop in Canterbury and as well as a mix of portraits that can be used for the brochure, website and social media outlets I captured some detailed images as well which can work well for fill ins on the website. The detail and craftsmanship on Mark's work is stunning and using some atmospheric lighting it brought out the close up detail and intricate use of Mark's skills.

Lighting wise I used the Profoto A1 compact light and the larger B1 for the headstone images, plus some with natural light as Mark's studio has a large skylight that brought in some warmth to the images.