BLOG 2021


Recently I have been commissioned to photograph watches for an online auction site and private collectors, cars and watches go so well together and a recent Rolex GMT alongside a Bentley GT seemed a perfect pairing...
The Rolex GMT was for Watch Collecting, an off shoot of the successful and now global Collecting cars online auction website. I also had an Omega Speedmaster to photograph for a private owner, these photos are also useful for insurance purposes and valuations for owners collections.

The photography is quite intricate as when you are photographing close up details the timepieces have to be free of dust, fingerprints and on used watches also have to show any defects, especially on the inside of the straps. For all of the images they need to be supplied as hi resolution images and also resized for social media use. If you have any requirements for any watches or products that need photographing please get in touch.

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