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Atelier Petworth recently had a feature in Luxurious magazine, the profile was on the companies business in the world of classic and performance luxury cars...
I have covered car photography for Atelier Petworth for a number of years and the feature in Luxurious magazine featured some of my work, notably some iconic Ferrari's.

The company was set up a few years ago and Mark and Michael have a wealth of knowledge in the automotive sector, with clients and contacts across all areas of the market. One client I covered the photography for had two Ferrari Dino's, a Lusso and a pair of 308 GTB's, as well as the prancing horse of the Ferrari marque they can source pretty much anything, whether it is a hot hatch Mercedes right up to the very latest supercar that has come out of Italy.

Looking forward to covering more work with Atelier Petworth very soon and photographing some luxury dream cars.

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