BLOG 2021


I guess I would always recommend using a professional photographer but in the real world it is not always possible, especially if you want to create fresh content on a regular basis.

First of all think about your audience, what appeals to them, if you are on instagram then use some images of your daily routine, it doesn't necessarily have to be a large landscape photos, it could be a close up of some recent work/product or even the office dog. Most mobile phones now have great cameras and we can upload content very quickly to social media from this, be original and spend a bit of time telling a story and adding those tags and people on to the post. For instance if I post a photo I will take in the camera brand, photography magazines, lighting equipment and the product and client.

If you can avail stock images, they may be cheap but I can guarantee your competition will be using the same, or they may even have hired a professional to come in and take a variety of content for them. I always like to get photos of the whole business, the people posing for linked in profiles, inside and outside the premises, plus a change of attire as well to keep it fresh. Plus make sure that those little detail photos are included, these are great fillers for quotes and content on a website or brochure. Also use strong colours, this makes the images pop off the pages of the website and grabs the viewers attention.

And last of all put a plan together, don't put content up or take a photo for the sake of it, original content is always key and people will appreciate seeing the thought and effort that has gone in to the posts.

Of course to make life easier you can always contact myself and Lydia from I Do Marketing