BLOG 2021


Most of the prints are car related and recently the Bullitt Mustang limited edition of 5 framed photographic images was ordered by a friend, he has a new version of the iconic Steve McQueen car and wanted to have this in his office. The other prints are of the Ferrari F40, hailed as the best supercar ever by many journalists and drivers, and the Aston Martin DB5 made famous by a certain 007.

The Alpine View has been successful one as well, giving a Soth American theme, in fact not was taken at Wildwood animal venue in Herne, Kent! The framed prints range from £125 for an A4 mounted print on Kodak Endura Pro paper, and an A3 version at £175. Please contact me if any of these prints are of interest, or if you see anything else on the website. I also have a wealth of images in the archives.