BLOG 2020


After a conversation online with James we met up with tow of his cars, the BMW 1M I posted a few weeks back, the second was his track focused M3 Evolution model, manual and in Brilliant Red (official BMW colour)...
We met up at a the Adrian Flux speedway circuit in Norfolk, I shot the two cars separately, the 1M outside of the circuit and the M3 inside by the grandstand, the circuit was being renovated so we had a small space in which to photograph the M3. It was a bright sunny day (remember those?) with the Profoto lights being used to add some detail in the wheels and also for shooting against the sunshine.

The M3 Evolution was in great condition, considering that James uses this on numerous rack day sessions as well. As usual the photography had to cover a variety of full length images, interiors, details and some panning shots which we done on an empty B road which had some lovely sweeping bends where I could pan the M3 on some drive bus. The full article will be featured in the January 2021 edition of BMW Car magazine, on sale 20th November.