BLOG 2020


I met Peter the owner of the Z car Mini at a car meet, his BMW Alpina was the main pint of discussion and then when I mentioned that i covered work for Mini magazine he casually mentioned a 340bhp twin Yamaha engined Mini that he owned. This car weights in at only 700kg and produces 500bhp /tonne, a seriously fast car.

Peter reckons it clocks in at under 3 seconds and in the soldi flame red paintwork and its stance it looks ready to rip up the tarmac, we used a stretch of farm land near to Peter as he trailered the car in, it is road legal but as you can imagine its home really is on track which is where the cars going to embarrass most cars that turn up.

Z Cars have for over 20 years been engineering the impossible, twin engined Mini’s / Westfield’s, installing Hayabusa Turbo engines into anything you can imagine, baby Fiats, Smarts, and 2 into a 1000+bhp Ultima GTR. Z Cars are now trading in Ashford, Kent (, and are most well known for their iconic bike engine / Honda VTEC engine Classic Mini’s and Fiats 500’s.

Pretty sure you won't see many of these cars around and in this condition, the full article will be in a future issue of Mini magazine, follow me on @jasondoddphotos on Instgram for updates.