BLOG 2023


Another visit to JD Classics, this time to attend their first cars and coffee meet of the year. It was a cold Saturday morning but the sun was shining and coffee and pastries were on hand to the 100 plus people who attended...
JD Classics opened their doors up to fellow classic and sports car enthusiasts, the showroom, workshop, bodyshop and trim shop were open for everyone to see and marvel at some of the most beautiful cars ever created. Whether it was a Jaguar E Type, Sierra Cosworth, 1967 Mustang, Ferrari 488, Mercedes SL Pagoda the list was endless.

One of the stand out was that attended was a 1948 Gibbs Bentley MKVI which had a monstrous 6.5 litre V8 Mulsanne turbo engine, it sounded and looked amazing. Keep an eye on JD Classics website for the next car and coffee meets as you won't see a more impressive display of car exotica under one roof in the UK.