BLOG 2020


Yiannis Christodoulou is part of the Great Britain Aquathlon squad and I have been covering the photography for him since 2015. The sports portrait photos are partly to show off some of his new training kit (which I am proudly a sponsor) and some action photos, this is to attract new sponsors and to raise his profile.

As we start t head in to cold dark mornings we knew that with a bit of luck the forecast would bring us an early morning sunrise, heading down to the location 20 minutes before allowed me to set up the Profit lighting and have an idea of the backdrops I was going to use for Yiannis' portraits. We covered a variety of clothing and backdrops with just one Profit light (kindly held by Mel Yiannis' wife). He will use the photos across social media and for his current sponsors which are made up of local and National companies.