BLOG 2020


The two owners of the Mini GP3's live close to each other and had been in conversation prior to ordering their cars, with only a limited number being produced wordwide the waiting list soon filled up. Owners Aaron and Duncan met up with me at a private industrial estate, thanks to Mark at Tyre Point for the hospitality.

I covered a variety of interior and exterior photos plus some twin shots of the cars together, showing the stance of Aaron's modified car which sits on OZ wheels and AST suspension. The standard car is 306 bhp and sprints from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds, with the mods Aaron's car is now pushing 342 bhp and 570nm of torque, fresh from being set up by a mix of companies its now set for a few kore track days.

The photography was covered for next months Performance Mini magazine and will also be used online to promote the magazine and these two hot hatch cars.