BLOG 2020


A few weeks ago I covered a photo shoot for BMW Car magazine, the car in question was a superb example of an E30 325i, the car had just had some final bits modified and was in A1 condition for the session...
Kieran has owned the BMNW 325i for a number of years and you can see from the finish of the car that it has had plenty of care and attention, the car also has a M Tech 1 factory fitted kit to it making it a rare example, and of course fitted with a manual gearbox.

I used Tower House in Canterbury, having covered commercial photo shoots for the venue in the heart of the City I was able to gain permission to use the grounds and the building as a backdrop. The style of the building blended in well with the stealthy look of the classic BMW, with the BBS alloys making the stance and look of the car even meaner. The article and photos will be published in one edition of BMW Car magazine very soon.