BLOG 2020


The car has a whole new platform that provides all round independent suspension with a MacPherson strut at each corner; dynamically, Honda has targeted much larger cars. For rolling comfort, smoothness and refinement, the E succeeds where others have not.

It’s a really nicely balanced car, size wise its like a Mini cooper, nice damping that glides over speed bumps and some nice retro styling inside, apparently the dashboard was inspired by an 80's Hi-Fi. Sadly I remember this Dual turntables that came in a range of wood finishes tat could match your mahogany or oak furniture. Seats are super comfy and beaming electric it has the 1 speed auto box, simple and with brake regeneration a relaxed driving style. The car has flappy paddles on the steering wheel but I couldn't understand the point of them, being electric there's no audio sounds emitting from the car and the sport selector on the gearbox made it feel a bit more dynamic.

The cars range, in 151bhp form, is a WLTP-certified 125 miles on 17in wheels or 137 miles on 16in wheels. When I left Barretts Honda the car was fully charged with 102 miles range, this changes due to the previous drives and of course your current journey, the 72 mile round trip left me with 9 miles left, if anything you have to be precise about your journeys and it made me think what if I needed to go somewhere else, there is no margin for error. For me the charging network needs to expand dramatically, Tesal have the monopoly on this at the moment and have left everyone else years behind. Maybe thats missing the point of this compact city car, its designed for short journeys and for most people will be the daily car in the week with a family SUV or sports car for the weekends.

The E comes in two variants, a regular 134bhp model and the 151bhp , which respectively cost a £26,160 and £28,660 after the plugin grant. Both can be slow-charged at a rate of up to 6.6kW or DC rapid-charged at up to 100kW, although a 50kW fill will be almost as quick – 31 minutes from 0-80%, rather than 30.

The car like any electric car is pretty rapid, there's no hesitation when you hit the accelerator and it's brisk with a feel of a mild hot hatch to its character. I guess with the Zen two screen affair, 80's styling interior and with this model a panoramic roof it provides a relaxing place to be and unwind, so the chances of hooping it around and depleting your energy levels aren't going to happen that often. For me if I wanted a small compact city car i'd look at a hot hatch, thats me though and the market for electric cars is expanding, range is limited on the E but it isn't trying to compete with the larger car sector. Design wise its retro stying gains lots of admiring glances and for me Honda have got the whole package just right for there first E car.

Location for the photography shoot was the B Road Hunting Cafe in Collier Street, Kent. Great coffee and a chance to catch up with Edd and Roger, plus a meet up with a friend. Check the cafe out, its open Tuesday to Saturday with tghemed car meets happening over the next few months. I'll be at the Mini day on Saturday 22nd August in a Cooper S, a mini hot hatch that for now is my cup of tea, couple of years time though you might see me in a Honda E!