BLOG 2020


Over the last few months I have been covering a lot of car photography for numerous magazines, with lockdown no fresh content was available so its been very much a case of sourcing suitable cars and doing some mini road trips over the Uk to capture the owners and there cars...
The photoshoots are set up way in advance of publication and now some are starting to be published, also Shaun Parker's 1965 GT has reappeared in the current edition of Fast Ford as it was initially in a Mustang bookazine last year. Always good to see it in print and it coincides with the years anniversary of the photo shoot.

I also had a feature in the Morgan magazine "MOG" which was based on how to photograph you car, ten tips which tun through composition, equipment and using locations. I have also been booked by car clubs to set up some group and individual photo shoots of members cars, if you would like an editorial style photo session of your car then please contact me.