BLOG 2020


Combining a group of cars together is always difficult, your hoping that on the date you're available so are the owners, the weathers good and all of the cars are running okay, especially after months of lockdown. One thing I could be sure of was that they would all be looking in showroom condition as the car detailing market has done through the roof, with everyone spending valuable time on their cars making sure they are in tip top condition.

The group photo shoot combined M cars from the 3,5,6,7 and 8 series. You may spot a couple of familiar models, Tahmid's 635 and 850 models which have been covered for separate features earlier in the year. The location was at Drill Hall at the University of Kent in Medway, as I lecture for the Uni I was able to get permission for the photography session, being the weekend we had the whole car park and other areas to ourselves allowing for a relaxed and informal shoot where the owners got to have a chat about the BMW models on display. I covered a large group photo shoot which i'm hoping will make the cover of the magazine so i'll keep this under wraps for the moment, the other images were mini profiles of each car and the owner so I didn't need to get the usual 50 plus images for a single car feature.

The shoot finished off with some rolling car to car images and panning photos, coincidentally the car I sued for this was Iain Hughes' M4, a good friend and avid BMW fan, he certainly didn't mind a group of M cars in his rear view mirror. Feature will be out soon, can't wait to see it and hopefully that cover!