BLOG 2020


To make the photo shoot affordable and save time travelling I contacted Mark at Tyrepoint to ask if we could use his location for the triple car photography. I have used the location before and its a really clean and modern backdrop which sets the cars off superbly, especially with the strong sunshine that was reflecting off of the silver walls and shutters. I used 4 sets of lights, just had my trusty Profoto B1 serviced and this is now being used with the smaller B2, B10 and A1 which add fill light in all areas, they work really well with the R8 as the black wheels can get lost on a bright coloured car without additional lighting.

I covered each car as an editorial shoot, covering various angles inside and outside of the car plus getting some portraits of the owners with there pride and joy. I ended each session with some panning shots, the far don't need to be going fast to execute this technique, 1/125th of a second in shutter priority and this freezes the car as you pan left to right but gives movement in the wheels. If you are after photos of your car or a car club please contact me for rates and availability.