BLOG 2020


This classic Mini has hydraulic suspension with four pumps, four batteries and home built by the owner in his garage at the back of his house in Shoreham, East Sussex. The "Juiced" Mini has independent pumps on all four corners so it can raise any wheel up independently, and as you can see from the pictures change its stance at a flick of a switch on the hand operated "Mini" controller.

The attention to detail and wackiness is to be commended, i've never seen a car with a wooden Giraffes head as a gear lever, and the Orange theme runs throughout the car. We used a variety of locations around the Shoreham area, including Fuel Coffee House which is a haven for petrolhead all over the South East. Sadly due to lockdown they are not open at the moment. The car photography in Sussex was for a future edition of Mini magazine, you'll certainly not want to miss the story behind this epic build.