BLOG 2020


Fitzgerald Jewellers is a Canterbury based jewellers situated along the cobbled streets just a stone’s throw away from Canterbury Cathedral. Owner and Founder of Fitzgerald Jewellers, Trevor Fitzgerald has been a jeweller since the seventies.
Fitzgerald's carefully design all of their jewellery in house and hand make it on site in their workshop. The goldsmiths continue to use traditional methods of jewellery making. The staff like to think that the Fitzgerald experience is unlike any other jewellers in Kent. They have strived to set themselves apart with a unique interior and laid back approach. Buying jewellery is such a personal thing and even that one piece can signify such a huge part of someone’s life.

I am hoping that everyone will support local businesses like Fitzgerald's more than ever as the High Street needs consumers to support local companies, the photos will be used for social media to inform customers of the process in place for the coming months, and of curse maintaining the safety and respect of people visiting the store in Burgate, Canterbury.