BLOG 2020


The Land Rover Defender has been a style icon since its introduction back in 1948, it has been one of the most travelled cars in the world, mainly due to its off roading capabilities, whether it has been a daily hack for farmers, involved in humanitarian activities or just as an all round family car. So when the new Defender was announced Land Rover had to get the styling right and introduce it to a global audience, its biggest market will be China and the US, so making it a more upmarket and civilised place to be was top of the agenda.

After driving the car en route to London golf club I can safely say it is worlds apart from the previous model which ended production in 2016, the new model drives like a super comfy saloon and has all the mod cons, this first edition had a panoramic roof, Meridian hi-fi, sat nav, heated seats and black gloss alloy wheels, as a golfer mentioned to me "they wouldn't last 5 minutes on my farm", don't worry tough if you are after a more utilitarian off roader a commercial version is due at the owned of the year, and for me the 90 3 door model which comes out early 2021 is going to be the big seller, the 110 is a big car and does offer great load space as well but the classic 90 model will tick the boxes for everyone.

A big thank you to London Golf Club who hosted me for the mornings photo shoot, the car had plenty of attention and with its huge load space will swallow a couple of sets of golf clubs very easily. The day was overcast so the addition of the Profoto twin light set up. and three lights for the interior gave a nice contrast to the edges of the black Defender and also made the gloss wheels stand out, using a soft box on the larger B1 head unit to give a softer and more subtle light at the moment.