BLOG 2020


I photographed two properties for an estate agent, Charles Bainbridge in Littlebourne, Canterbury and Bellevue Properties in Ashford , Kent. The photographs are being used to promote the house and apartment on the companies websites, social media outlets and printed material.

The key to property photography for me is to use as much natural light as possible, find out when the sun is at the front of the property for the exterior images and used 14-24mm wide angle zoom, using a tripod and a low vantage point brings the corners of the walls straight and doesn't distort the room at all, plus over exposing slightly so that it lifts the shadows and gives a clean and fresh look to the overall images. I use a low ISO to minimise any grain in the image and use a long exposure, this then brings in loads of light and using an aperture of F11 and above will bring in detail from the front to the back of each room.

If you are after any residential or commercial property photography in Kent, or further afield please contact me. We are of course using social distancing measures at all times.