BLOG 2020


Shoreham Airport was the location for the car photo shoot, I had used the venue last year for a classic Mini magazine editorial and was very kindly granted permission to use the retro building and surrounding areas for the session. Chris' Cosworth produces 400 bhp and being the Sapphire version is the 4 door version, a little more subtler than the big winged 5 door version. We had some cloud cover which produced a nice mix of cloud and blue hues in the sky, using the Profoto lighting set up enhanced the 18" Compomotive wheels which looked great in the grey tone.

Once I had covered all of the angles of the car it was on to the interior, engine bay and some portraits of owner Chris. The car photography shoot ended up with some panning shots of the car in motion, I used the bank at the side of the road to give me some height and with the 70-200mm lens panned a series of shorts of the Cosworth in motion, shutter speed set at 1/125th of a second produces movement in the wheels but keeps the car pin sharp whilst blurring the background, you only need the car to be moving at a gentle speed to create these images.

The car will be featured soon in a future edition of Fast Ford magazine, looking forward to seeing the full set in print.