BLOG 2020


As the name suggests the Ford Fiesta ST200 produces 200bhp, it also has an overboots that for 20 seconds will generate 215 bhp, that isn't relevant on Stephen Voncent's one though as his develops in excess of 300 bhp due to a stage 3 remap and some other tweaks. I met up with him just outside of Portsmouth on an industrial estate, i'd been doing the rounds that day as I had already covered a Mini JCW and Ford Escort Gartrac (a rare car). The storm grey paintwork during the early evening light really stood out against the urban backdrop, I also had access to a stairwell that provided a nice framework for the aerial photo shown on above, one of my favourite photos of the day.

The advantage of using the portable and remote Profoto lighting is that you can hide it around corners and use from a fair distance away, 300 feet to be precise! This gives me a lot of flexibility in terms of locations and allows for precise lighting of the wheels and other key areas that might otherwise be in shadow due to being backlit by the Sun.

The Storm Grey Ford Fiesta ST200 hot hatch will feature in a forthcoming edition of Fast Ford very soon.