BLOG 2020


If you think of a British car icon and a German one you'll probably think of a Jaguar E Type and a Porsche 911, the pair that I photographed for classic and modern spirts car dealership Beck Evans both have a huge following and were in pristine condition. The E Type was registered in 1972 and has the 5.4 litre V8 engine in it, the signal red paintwork really set the car off and inside and out its one of the cleanest examples you'll find out there, especially with only 38,000 miles on it.

In complete contrast the 2017 Porsche GT3 (991.2) is an all out track car, it still has the everyday refinements though, air con, rear view camera, hi-fi and also a roll cage and fire extinguisher! The carbon fibre bonnet has a massive weight saving and with only 3200 miles on the clock its hardly been used at all. Guards red is the German equivalent of Signal red that was on the E Type, fitted with the 6 speed manual gear box it is a real enthusiasts car and I can't see it hanging around for too long.

Although the sun was high in then sky and very little cloud cover I added in some fill light with a pair of Profoto lights, this adds a contrast to the edges and also lifts the shadows under the cars arch and sills, plus the chrome details are highlighted. I cover a lot of car photography for dealerships across the UK, private individuals and also car magazines, if you have any requirements please get in touch.

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