BLOG 2020


Daniel's 2009 Focus RS is one of the finest examples you will see, this car will feature in a forthcoming issue of Fast Ford magazine and the preview photos show how clean the car is, set off really nicely with the gold Vito wheels.

I used the University of Kent campus, as its privately owned and I lecture there permission was granted, seems strange with the social distancing not shaking Dan's hard but otherwise business as usual, one area that is going to be impossible though is the rolling car to car shots so old school panning will have to suffice for the time being. The Focus RS has been heavily modified but in a really professional way, the car is pushing out around 360 bhp and a staggering 562 NM of torque. As usual the Profoto lighting came in to effect using the addition of the sunshine to set off the ultimate green metallic, I also used the 14-24mm wide angle lens which isn't usually in the kit bag for exterior shoots, with the rear end of the Focus it gave it a really aggressive looking stance.