BLOG 2020


Owner Sol brought along his classic BMW 2002 Turbo to friend Mark Webber’s Tyrepoint company premises, the modern industrial estate sits on the busy Parkwood industrial estate in Maidstone. I thought of this location as I knew it would be quiet and the punchy yellow would work well against the modern grey and green backdrop, plus with the glorious sunshine the buildings would channel the shadows nicely. Using the twin Profoto lights to lift shadows and highlight the contours of the 2002 I was able to do a walk around of the car and get some nice clean shots.

The photos of Sol’s car will appear in a future edition of BMW Car magazine soon, I also covered a Z3M afterwards which I’ll post some preview images of shortly. We needed the car photography shoot in Maidstone with some panning shots, using a slow shutter speed and the car moving along from left to right all you need is a steady hand and you create the car in motion, wheels rotating due to the slow shutter speed and a blurred background whilst remaining the cars sharpness.