BLOG 2020


The University of Kent is based in Canterbury and Medway, the majority of my photography work for them has taken place on the Canterbury campus, always handy as it's just a short walk from the office. I have also covered lectures and events for them, last year a Summer event took place for the Politics team in the House of Commons. One of the big areas of work has been covering portraits for the various staff over the campus, these have included Art, English, History, Politics and also student profiles for website banners and advertising.

Most recently I have also been running photography workshops for some of the marketing staff in the hospitality and sports sectors, these have been devised so that they can take good quality images on a daily basis. Another area where the images have been used has been on the new look website, this has been rolled out to different areas over the last two years and concentrates mainly on wide panoramic images, these can then be cropped for mobile and tablet use, hence why all of the portraits have been taken in landscape orientation.

Looking forward to covering more photography work with the University soon and also delivering the Autumn photography workshops to students at the Engineering and Digital Arts venue.