BLOG 2020


Back in 2008 I photographed the volunteers at Canterbury Cathedral and wanted to do a similar project at Brooklands Museum where I was holding my car and fashion photography courses. The majority if the staff are retired and come from a variety of backgrounds all with interesting stories to tell.

I love covering portrait photography and with some of the army and RAF veterans you can tell in there faces that they have stories to tell. Some of the volunteers used to be pilots, engineers, part of the Concorde design and you have the enthusiasts who love automotive and aviation. The museum is a special place to attend and post lockdown make sure you put it on your list as there are always events going on, plus the staff and volunteers have a real passion for Brooklands.

In terms of the portraits I had a list of when the volunteers would be at the museum, some days would be the motorbike teams, then groups working on various aircraft, with Weybridge an hour and a half away i had to fit in as much as possible with my time on site, this meant very impromptu portraits with just the aid of a reflector and the 50mm prime lens on the camera. I will post a few more of the portraits on my instagram page @jasondoddphotos