BLOG 2020


I have been lucky to travel all over the UK and parts of Europe for my work, and over fifteen years this has culminated in a vast amount of architecture photography, exteriors, interior photography of bridges, hotels, museums and landmarks. The majority of this work has been for architects, building contractors, engineering companies and designers who have worked with the client for exterior and interior design work.

I have also had commissions to photograph buildings and city scapes for companies offices, this has been supplied as framed or large scale acrylic prints which is another option for the photos to be used for, also these are ideal for websites to promote a variety of businesses, shopping where they are based and giving the viewer an insight to the areas that are covered further afield. If you are after bespoke images for your website or social media outlets please contact me, or if you are in need of fresh images to promote your work over the years drop me a line.