BLOG 2020


An initiative has been set up for #artistsupportpledge selling work up to £200 and each time I reach 1k I buy another artist's work. St Paul's Cathedral at night is presented in an A4 black ash frame and mounted, printed on Kodak Endure pro paper priced at £150 (incl.P&P) please contact me for further details limited to five pieces worldwide.

I remember that no tripods were allowed in the building as these required a permit and could only be used during the day. My Canon 1DX was balanced on my Billingham bag pushed right up close to the glass of the Shards's angular structure to minimise any reflections, the 30 second exposure was set and with an aperture of F16 the image was taken, I used the 17-40mm wide angle lens which had always produced pin sharp images.