BLOG 2020


Lighting: Now I know earlier I mentioned about using the light behind you, but sometimes that sun setting in the background can make for a cinematic image and give it an American vibe, you’ll need to expose for the background and when editing (if not using lighting) lift the shaded areas up, you’ll see from the Bullit example it gives a real warmth to the shot, the added exhaust smoke adds even more drama to the shot.

The Driver: This could be you or the owner, adds a nice personal touch to the photos and who doesn’t want a photo of themselves with their dream car. Again take a mixture of interior, exterior and close up shots. Using a zoom lens gives great perspective and allows you to frame tightly as well without being too close and intimidating to the subject.

A Helping Hand: Always helpful to have a friend or fellow Mustang owner along, this allows you to shoot car to car and if your photographing your car it allows them to position it whilst you get the perfect frame to capture that iconic photo that will adorn your screensaver or office wall!

Hope you have enjoyed these tips on how to get the best out of your photography, even during lockdown you can practice those detail shots and also look at the line of the cars in different light during the course of the day. I have car photography workshops at the historic Goodwood Racing Circuit in June and August, with the possibility of another date being added soon. Please take a look under the training section of my website for more information.