BLOG 2020


Over the years I have photographed many Ferrari's, at car shows, private commissions and on my photography workshops. It is surely the most iconic sports car out there and in terms of look, sound and character no manufacturer can match them for there heritage and style. One of my more recent clients has been Atelier Petworth, a prestige car sales supplier who have many years of experience in the automotive industry, with Director Mark Spence previously suppling Ferrari's its no surprise that they have a great stock of variants of the Italian super car over the last few decades.

I have covered a number of commissions for the companies website and these have included Ferrari Dino's, Pista 488, Testarossas and Lusso's.

Mark Spence very kindly wrote these comments about my work: "I first had the pleasure of working with Jason whilst at H.R.Owen Ferrari. When I left to help launch a new venture (Atelier Petworth), I knew we would need an outstanding automotive photographer. Jason is that guy.
Efficient, talented, and always with fresh ideas, Jason earns my highest recommendation".