BLOG 2020


I never take photography for granted, especially when i've been doing it professionally for fifteen years now. There are always challenges, especial this situation we are in now. So looking back at the highlights is always rewarding and brings back fond memories. Being a massive rock fan, especially of the weekend headline band, American rock icons ZZ Top and having press coverage was a special moment. Being part of the media who had literally a front row seat is one of those spine tingling events, seeing the famous trio of Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard (he doesn't have a beard!) perform a greatest hits performance on a Summer's evening in the heart of the Ket Countryside is as good as it gets.

Armed with a Texan drawl that can charm the skin off a rattlesnake, Billy Gibbons knows how to play an audience as he, and Dusty Hill, revved up the turbo riff to Got Me Under Pressure. They continued with some classics from the early 70's with the boogie of La Grange and Tush! This seemed a perfect ending to a fabulous, friendly festival that grows from strength to strength each year. But, then, the band re-appeared to nail down a tight boogie take on Elvis' Jailhouse Rock' leaving everyone to finally ramble on home or back to the bar. Hard to believe these guys started out in 1969 and still have amazing energy and charisma.

The photographs remain a great memory and one has even been printed and framed for the office wall, always a great reminder. Now its time for a cuppa and tom put "Eliminator" on the hi-fi!