BLOG 2020


Danny has a custom paint shop in Meopham, Kent and has done a lot of the work himself to his Ford Fiesta. The biggest addition has been changing the original engine that produced 150 bhp to a full St 180 engine being fitted under the bonnet. The car has been painted in stealth get and with the addition of upgraded brakes, suspension, stage 4 remain and a custom painted roll cage there really isn't another car out there like it.

We used locations around the industrial estate where Danny is based due to his heavy workload and then done some rolling road car to car photos on a quiet dual carriageway. As ever the brief is to capture a wide range of portrait and landscape images for the magazine to use, it was an overeats day so the profoto lighting was a variety of three lights, the hand held A1 is without doubt the most flexible of all lighting I have used, its powerful and works well for interiors where it can be tucked in to the footwell or on to the dash, highly recommended.

The full shoot and feature will be in Fast Ford over the next few months, if your reading this and have a modern Ford thats a bit =differnet pleas get in touch as we are always on the lookout for future car features in the magazine.