BLOG 2020


The online print shop will show some of my favourite car photography images from the last 15 years, as ever when you want to do a project generally you don';t have the time to do it, with the current lockdown in place I thought it would be a good use of my resources and also a chance to have a look through the archives, 15 years of photos takes a while to sift through!

The idea of the car print shop is to update on a regular basis with iconic classic and modern sports cars, hard to believe that this coming Friday the business will be celebrating 15 years as a full time photography company. I have limped the amount of products to start with greeting cards, photographic prints and also a place to sell my car photography courses and gift vouchers.

The shop has been compiled using Shopify which has a variety of templates or you can create your own which I have done, the full site will be launched on Friday with over 50 photographs showcasing car images of Aston Martin's, Ferrari's, Porsches and of course Ford Mustangs. Keep an eye out for the social media posts.