BLOG 2019


BMW CAR magazine is a publication covering the popular German marque, it looks to showcase all of the classic and modern vehicles from the companies vast history, today the photoshoot was on the future with the i3 and i8 electric models...
After speaking to the editor of BMW CAR magazine he mentioned that a twin shoot on the current i-electric models in the range would be good, so with my contacts at Barretts BMW we arranged to borrow the hatchback i3 and i8 sports car, in roadster guise which has been out for just over a year now in the UK. All we needed was a dry day, the location was a steel works in Canterbury that provided an industrial feel as opposed to the wind turbines that always seem to accompany an electric car photo shoot.

The editor, Simon was in attendance for the shoot and this helped in terms of working quickly as we only had a short time at the location, portrait and double page landscape photos were required, this then gives the magazine the options for front page covers and other layouts. The sky was overcast but luckily the early morning run had passed and the sun was trying to break through. Both cars were in dark colours so I needed to utilise the power of the Profoto lights to the max, providing enough fill in light to enhance the exterior fo the cars and the black alloy wheels.

To finish off we covered some panning photos, the cars were going very slowly but with some steady camera work it looks like they are going really quickly through the steel work facility. Looking forward to seeing the finished article, in contrast tomorrow I have a Phoenix Yellow M3 to photograph for the magazine, plus its looking like some added sunshine as well!