BLOG 2019


Kent School of Architecture and Planning is one of the most successful schools of architecture in the UK. Innovative programmes, studio-based teaching, professional links and excellent facilities combine to create an inspirational learning environment. Todays photography shoot was to supply the marketing team with a fresh set of images for web and social media...
Kent School of Architecture and Planning is equipped with the latest resources including modern design studios, a dedicated model workshop featuring laser-cutting facilities and 3D printing, and a computer studio with the latest technology. The state-of-the-art digital space has eight high-tech, 70-inch uTouch screens with HD resolution. These give the students and tutors the chance to interact and contribute to presentations and tutorials, they also made for great photos where the students were giving presentations to the group.

As well as photos of students and tutors interacting I photographed some of the work that was on show, mindful that this was a working class I used the 70-200mm telephoto to catch candids and then moved over to the 50mm prime, using a shallow depth of field brought in plenty of light and gave a set of clean and crips images.