BLOG 2018


The University of Kent's last photoshoot of the year was at the School of European and Culture, where the photos were to show the areas that the team specialised in...
SECL offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that encompasses European cultural life. They offer a range of single-honours degrees as well as joint-honours degree programmes, combining subject areas within the School, the Faculty of Humanities or other parts of the University.

The photography fortunately took place on the one dry day of the week, giving an autumnal feel to the photos taken outside. The areas covered were to do with language, sight, classroom images and some general social areas that the students use. For the whole shoot I used the 50mm prime lens, with the aid of a lastolite tri-grip reflector, or the hand held portable Profoto A1 used off camera.

The photos had to be a mixture of wide and cropped in landscapes, this is so that when implemented on the new University website they will scale down easily for mobile and tablet use.