BLOG 2018


Insight Investment has there Christmas Party at the Natural History Museum, surely one of the most impressive buildings in London, if not the UK. Built in 1881 it is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items within five main collections...
As a photographer having the opportunity to photograph at the Natural History Museum after hours and with over 500 people in attendance is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the atmosphere and sheer scale of the Hall with the skeletal Whale overseeing the event was a stunning sight to behold.

My brief was to capture the event and document the various acts who were on stage throughout the evening to entertain the Insight Investment staff, these included Jack Pack UK and the Frobacks. I used the 50mm prime and 14-24mm to capture the evening, with so many people I had to use shorter focal lengths to include the backdrop of the Museum as well.