BLOG 2018


Suzuki has just released the all new Jimmy off road vehicle, after months of waiting the car is now in dealerships across the UK, including one of the newest showrooms in Canterbury, Kent...
The Suzuki Jimmy has a robust ladder frame, three ample body angles, 3-link rigid axle suspension with coil springs and ALLGRIP Pro 4WD with a low-range transfer gear.
Equipped with a 1.5 litre engine, it takes you wherever you want to go with unrivalled agility and powerful torque when you need it most, I can confirm this is all correct as the car wasn't put off any of the terrain I ventured in to for the photo shoot around the Country lanes of Canterbury and Herne.

The Jimmy adapts to every situation, featuring a part time 4WD system with low range transfer gear. The cars dimensions means it can get in to any small spaces, narrow lanes and will pretty much fit own to any scene for the camera perfectly. The car is comfy, spacious inside, and with fold down rear seats like a mini van capable of holding plenty of gear. I packed light for the car photography shoot, just the 50mm lens and for some photos the off camera Profoto A1 on a small stand. Thank you to Canterbury Suzuki for the loan of the car which has been on numerous test drives since they received their demo last week.