BLOG 2018


Pro Share celebrated twenty five years last year and today they were celebrating again with a conference in London championing the winners from last years awards event. Companies from Aviva, BT and Superdry were represented and showcasing how they achieved recognition...
ProShare has been the voice of employee share ownership since 1992 when they were established by HM Government, a group of FTSE 100 companies and the London Stock Exchange to promote wider share ownership. Today, they focus solely on helping to promote employee share ownership in the UK and are the voice of employee share plan practitioners and professionals. Baker McKenzie's London offices were the hosts for the annual Celebrating Excellence conference, the winners from last years Pro Share awards gave talks on how they achieved recognition throughout the industry for their promotion of share ownership in their companies.

The photography was to showcase the speakers and the delegates networking and enjoying the days conference. Always nice to cover events for Pro Share as they have been a longstanding client and I know a lot of the people who attend these conferences, the photography in London was to capture a document of the day. The 70-200mm and 50mm prime lens were used throughout the day, capturing the events all with the use of natural light. Pro Share will use the photos to promote the annual event and also share the images with the speakers and companies involved.