BLOG 2018


Sunday morning and a fashion shoot had been commissioned by French boutique retailer Antoine Et Lili, this would showcase their bright and colourful clothing range and give the first store its own catalogue of imagery...
The Parisian-based brand, founded by Martine Senac and Alexandre Gattegno in 1994, is known for its vibrant women’s and children’s wear. Since Antoine & Lili was acquired by Dzeta Group and Judith Benhamou, the new owners have been exploring future options for the business. The new owners have been organizing operations, expanding Antoine & Lili collection and growing the brand’s presence online and offline in France and Europe. The store in Canterbury is the first in the UK and sits alongside its French and Swiss other retail outlets.

I used two models for the shoot, Siobhan and Susie who is embarking on a trip to France to tackle the white water rapids on a kayaking expedition, by day she is a marketing and business coach so these images would work as part of her story from entrepreneur to adventurer, bearing in mind she only set foot in a kayak in December last year.

On an early Sunday morning the streets of Burgate were quiet and perfect for capturing portraits of both models, alongside was the Fashion influenced Citroen DS3, kindly loaned by Barretts of Canterbury DS showroom. Store owner Maria had a wide selection of outfits she wanted to promote, and with the Burgate area being rebranded soon as the Cathedral Quarter it was a good chance to highlight the surrounding area and utilise some local companies as well.

I used two lights for the fashion photo shoot, Profoto B2 and the light and hand held A1, both perfect for working quickly and using minimal space that would be available as the day became busier with shoppers. The final set of images will be used on social media and other campaigns that the French Fashion shop will use to promote to their customers.