BLOG 2018


Thanet Council commissioned me over two days to cover portraits of their staff at work, mostly documenting the behind the scenes work that goes on during a daily basis...
Covering the commercial photography work for Thanet Council gave a wide amount of areas to cover. These started early in the morning, the refuse collection, beach cleaning and then as the day carried on showcasing the other services that the Council cover on a daily basis that tends to go unnoticed.

The areas of cover ranged from the Marina at Ramsgate, Beach combing on Margate Seafront, street cleaning and other areas back at the Council offices. For most of the photographs they were unposed as these will be used in a wide variety of marketing materials, the main aim being that people can see a human face that is covering these daily duties. I tended to use the 70-200mm lens, this allowed for some tighter crop portraits and for the document style images space for me to move around and utilise the various backdrops that were iconic to the area, notably the Marina and Dreamland.