BLOG 2018


Kent University has a great reputation for its sports and science programmes and this afternoons photo shoot took place at the Medway Park centre where the students have laboratory and gym facilities...
Todays brief was to capture two students in formal and informal settings, showing them interacting with colleagues and member of the public. The two students covered a different variety of programmes, these mainly looked at the effects that exercise has on someones breathing due exercise with the second student taking classes on members of the public who had just recovered from a stroke. The classes are a way of getting back body movements that have been effected through the effects of the illness.

The brief was to capture all portraits in a landscape format, as these would then be implemented on the Kent University website and also in the prospectus. I had to create some space around the subject as some drop down banners will appear in the negative space that appears around the subjects. I used the two Profoto portable flash units, the A1 and B2 to light the subjects.